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Eudora Light Configuration
Open Eudora Light. It should be located in your Start Menu, under Programs/Eudora or it may already be an icon on the desktop. Once the program is open, go to Tools and Choose Options.


The first category is Getting Started. This is how the screen should look once filled out. You will, of course, replace the word username with your username and Your Name with your real name. Remember that all characters are case sensitive.


Next choose the category Personal Information. This is how it should be configured, replacing the word username with your username. 


Next choose the category Hosts. For Eudora, all items on this screen remain blank except for the POP account.


Next choose the category Checking Mail. There are some personal preferences here. Please note that Authentication Style MUST be Passwords.


Next choose the category Sending Mail. Everything on this should remain the same.


The last category that we need to check is Attachments. Once you have MIME marked, click on the bar below Attachment Directory. Double click on Attach Directory and then click on the button that says Use Directory.


Just click okay and close the program. Log on to and then open the program. It should automatically check the mail.

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