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Online Storage - one_storage

Secure online file storage and file sharing solution.

one_storage creates a completely secure online account to upload and share any file type including documents, photos or videos directly. With just a standard web browser, files can be uploaded and easily shared with colleagues, vendors, partners, and clients.


Integrated online storage service.
An intuitive user interface saves email attachments directly to a user defined nested folder system. Document organization is quick and easy and simplifies locating, attaching and sending files.


Share files with others through "link sharing."
Files up to 100MB in size are a snap to share with one_storage. Simply select the file(s) you would like to share, and click the "Send" button. An email will be sent to your designated recipient containing a link to download the file. Advanced features such as email confirmation receipts are also provided so that you can be notified when your file has been downloaded. Withone_storage, you never again have to deal with sending cumbersome email attachments!


one_storage screenshot


Anywhere access to your files.
Your one_storage documents are always available. All you need is an Internet connection and web browser to access critical information with ease. Increase performance and efficiency with this integrated, time saving hosted email service solution.


Secure online storage and access.
All files uploaded to one_storage are scanned for viruses. Access is secure and further enhanced when SSL is enabled by the email service administrator. Online storage has never been easier and now it can be done from a single solution. One vendor, one complete hosted email service solution.