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Microsoft Outlook Sync - one_sync

Seamlessly integrate Microsoft Outlook with the one_business messaging platform.


one_sync integrates Microsoft Outlook with the one_business platform, keeping your information in the cloud synchronized with your Outlook client. With one_sync and one_business, you can take advantage of enterprise-class messaging and collaboration tools without the cost and complexity of an on-premises solution.


Keeps Outlook Calendar in Sync with Web Calendar
Whether events are created from the Outlook calendar or from the web calendar, both calendars will always stay in sync.


Calendar SyncSend and Receive Meeting Invitations from Outlook.
You can send meeting invitations from Outlook and have them automatically synchronized to your web calendar.


View Free/Busy Times for Easy Meeting Scheduling.
When scheduling a meeting in Outlook, you have the ability to view free/busy times of invitees so that finding an available time slot is quick and easy!


Calendar Sharing.
Use the shared calendar feature for publishing company events or to administer your boss' calendar. Shared calendars in Outlook can be viewed in either side-by-side or in overlaid mode.


one_business is the Ideal Alternative to On-premises Email
Replace your in-house email with one_sync and one_business for enterprise-class messaging. Our hosted email service reduces your operating costs and eliminates the headache of managing your own email.

The one_business family of hosted email products from is the ideal on-premises alternative, and is designed to increase productivity by offering a secure environment to create, share and communicate. It includes a broad range of business email messaging solutions for organizations of all sizes that are simple to use and easy to deploy.