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BCN DSL – High Speed Internet

Custom high speed Internet where you choose just how fast your connection is and experience connections up to 50 times faster over a typical dial-up connection. Free your phone line to make calls while still surfing the Internet. Stream music and videos, share family pictures and download files in just seconds rather than hours.

Each DSL account includes:

 • Free technical support
* Connection speeds may vary depending on distance, line quality, & phone service provider.

Pick your speed:

Pkg Download Speed Upload Speed Price
  768Kbps 128Kbps $39.95
  1.0Mbps 384Kbps $39.95
  1.5Mbps 128Kbps $42.95
  1.5Mbps 384Kbps $54.95
  3.0Mbps 768Kbps $59.95
  5.0Mbps 768Kbps $69.95
  7.1Mbps 768Kbps $79.95

If your intrested in DSL fill out the form on the left or give us a call today to start your blazing fast experience at 1-800-496-4638 or 413-743-7044